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Master_ex, MasterEx, Periklis Ntanasis, pntanasis - java dev… mostly


Master_ex: human 31/male/Athens_Greece


Master_ex codes in Java for a living. He is a Free and Open Source Software enthousiast. His favorite Linux distro was once ArchLinux but currently uses openSUSE.

In the past he was a co-founder member of F.O.S.S. community of A.U.E.B. and a student member of ACM. He was a 2013 gsoc participant coding in Lua for Hedgewars under openSUSE projects' umbrella.

In addition, he enjoys playing the drums and visiting new places. He is also a movies fan. His 5 favorite movies are "Pulp Fiction", "Highlander", "Darkly Scanner", "The Good, the Bad and the Ungly" and "Taxi Driver". His favorite T.V. series are "X-Files", "Worst Week" and "Millenium". Favorite super hero is Wolverine.


Normally, the exit status is random because of the unpredictable occurances of events.


Copyright 1989-2018 , Periklis Ntanasis

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


Reporting Bugs: Email bug reports to pntanasis duck

Known Bugs: Too many to be listed.


GNU’s not Unix, but Unix is a beast; its plural form is Unixen.

Associated with:

  • | Greek Rock Tabs repository and music community

  • | Free and Open Source Software community of Athens University of Economics and Business

  • | Web Development and Sorcery

Commited Translations:

  • TUX GUITAR | A Multitrack tablature editor and player

  • TED | Torrent Episode Downloader


Every opinion stated in this blog is my personal opinion. All the content has no connection with any current or previous employer of mine.

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