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2021-02-08: Java bean mapping in depth


2020-09-09: Lack of pagination considered harmful

2020-09-03: Job diversification in the modern household

2020-07-25: Design Pattern Synergies: Exploring the Decorator Pattern

2020-07-18: Signal generation by math formulas for the greater good!

2020-04-19: Collaborative distance in git contributors...


2018-11-25: Debugging like a boss

2018-10-23: JWT handling in a Javascript client


2017-01-18: Choosing a programming language


2014-03-31: Popcorn time VS the torrent community

2014-01-31: Cryptolexo, playing with string arrays


2013-04-15: The pitfalls of learning by example

2013-03-11: BeatKeeper: Adding a visual tick

2013-01-17: Wrong system time is bad for your pc health

2013-01-16: AsciiBlog is Evolving


2012-11-08: Monimix: A picture is worth a thousand words

2012-10-10: A deep look into PHPShadow 3.2

2012-05-28: Android: Crafting a Metronome with Audio Synthesis


2011-12-25: JUPAR: Updating Java desktop applications made easy!

2011-11-20: Some retro technology! ZX Spectrum

2011-10-23: Java: A simple and neat cli Progress Bar

2011-10-09: Trackable File Distribution: A simple approach

2011-08-27: PHP: Protect the c0d3

2011-08-22: Give a smile: Become a blood donor!

2011-08-06: Hello World AsciiBlog :)

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